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I’m Indu Dhull, CEO & Founder of Essentials Jewelry. I take immense pride in running an Award-winning Asia’s leading custom jewellery manufacturer.

We believe in sustainable practices and ethical sourcing, ensuring that every piece we manufacture carries a story of conscious creation. Learn more our infrastructure, sustainable practices, and ethical business standards in our factory tour video.

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Essentials Jewelry was formed a decade ago with one vision: to raise the industry standards of jewellery manufacturing. Now, we are an award-winning, Asia’s leading custom jewellery manufacturer.

We have worked with more than 400+ designers & brands across 30 countries and have been consistently recognized for our exceptional service quality & on-time delivery.

Utilizing an efficient production and logistics process, we specialize in manufacturing Custom, ODM, OEM, private label & white label jewellery as a manufacturer. With two operational factories, our 650+ craftsmen manufacture over 7000 high-quality masterpieces every day.

Learn more about our infrastructure, sustainable practices, and ethical business standards in our factory tour video.

Our Infrastructure & Team

A Leadership Team With State-Of-The-Art Machinery

  • Complete German Casting Plant & Plating Machinery.

  • German Laser Soldering & Marking Machine.

  • German & Swiss Plating Solutions.

  • Fisher XRF machine for Metal & Micron testing.

  • In-house gemstones Manufacturing with customized shapes & faceting.

  • 650 skilled craftsmen & 50 quality assurance experts.

  • Creative & Experienced CAD Designers with CAM.

  • Professional In-house legal team to protect your designs with NDA’s.

Learn more our infrastructure, sustainable practices, and ethical business standards in our factory tour video.

Our Sustainability Promise

Certified Green Factory with GEM Certification

  • Smeta 4 pillars Certified Green Factory: Recognized for responsible labor, health, safety, and environmental practices.

  • Utilizes Advanced wastewater treatment technology (STP/ETP) to recycle and reuse water within the factory to reduce water usage.

  • We source both silver & gold certified as recycled by SGS, to reduce the environmental footprint to minimise harm to ecosystems.

  • A dedicated system for managing hazardous chemical waste, ensuring proper disposal to protect the environment.

  • Solar-Powered Energy: Our factory boasts a massive 120kW solar panel system that generates over 186,782 kWh of clean energy.

  • Ethical sourcing practices of materials, ensuring responsible mining, fair treatment of workers, and minimal environmental impact.

Satisfied Customers

Reviews in the last 12 years

Essentials Jewelry takes pride in collaborating with over 460+ renowned brands and designers, establishing a sterling reputation for exceptional service and production quality. The resounding feedback from our esteemed clientele underscores our commitment to excellence. Clients consistently laud our attention to detail, precision in craftsmanship, and seamless production processes. These glowing reviews stand as a testament to our unwavering dedication to delivering unparalleled quality and customer satisfaction in the realm of jewelry manufacturing.

The company that raised the industry standards of jewellery manufacturing – India Times Org

Stone Manufacturing & Handmade Jewelry

Plot No. 23, Sudarshanpura Industrial Area, Bais Godam, Jaipur-302006, Rajasthan, INDIA

Certified Green Factory: Manufacturing For Brands & Designers

Plot No. 28 & 29, Sudarshanpura Industrial Area, Bais Godam, Jaipur-302006, Rajasthan, INDIA

Our Recent Works

Worked with more than 400+ designers & brands across 30 countries

Who Are Our Customers?

We partner with a diverse spectrum of brands & designers, from rising stars to established names.

We are pleased to engage in partnerships with a wide range of brands, ranging from emerging designers to established global demi-fine jewelry entities. Our client base extends across 30+ countries worldwide, including but not limited to the USA, UK, Netherlands, Belgium, France, Germany, Denmark, Sweden, and Australia.

  • Independent Jewellery Designers

  • E-commerce Jewellery Brands

  • Retail Jewellery Brands

  • Jewellery Cataloguing Companies

  • Retail Jewellery & Department Stores

Stone Manufacturing & Handmade Jewelry

Plot No. 23, Sudarshanpura Industrial Area, Bais Godam, Jaipur-302006, Rajasthan, INDIA

Certified Green Factory: Manufacturing For Brands & Designers

Plot No. 28 & 29, Sudarshanpura Industrial Area, Bais Godam, Jaipur-302006, Rajasthan, INDIA

Mass Jewelry Production – Outsource Jewellery Production – India, Jaipur

There are a few crucial elements to consider when looking for a bespoke jewellery manufacturer to produce your jewellery line. Finding a manufacturer is not difficult in today’s globalized world. Finding the correct manufacturer is the difficult part. Your manufacturer or Outsource Custom Jewelry Production firm will be a vital element of your business and an essential collaborator. Poor decisions can lead to disaster and lead to the demise of your business before you ever see any money.

The following are critical considerations: Intellectual Property Agreements with Manufacturers:

When deciding whether or not a manufacturer is ideal for your jewellery line, one of the first things you should look into is the company’s design rights strategies. The great majority of jewellery producers make their living by selling their collections to retail stores. The majority of these companies are eager to take on new business, and some would even agree to produce unique designs for a fraction of the cost just to be able to add the new reproductions to their organizations. This is something that a lot of Chinese manufacturers are known for. I strongly advise you to read Outsource Jewellery Production and Paul Midler’s book, Poorly Made in China, for more information on some of the traps to avoid while working with a Chinese manufacturer.

Consider the following IP points: Does the organization have a standardized IP agreement to which custom clients are bound? The presence of a regular agreement for the protection of client intellectual property is a good indicator that the company in question produces a lot of custom branded work.


Most reputable manufacturers would not accept client-provided agreements since the administrative burden of operating under multiple engineering agreements would be prohibitive for any mid-sized company, so I would not hire a lawyer to draft one. It’s not easy to outsource jewellery production. Be skeptical of organizations who are willing to accept your unique arrangements, since the odds are that the company you’ll be dealing with is a small one or a startup that aims to outsource the majority of your line’s development. If this is the case, you can be confident that any agreements you make in writing will be ignored because the company you’re doing business with won’t be able to enforce IP privacy with their subcontractors.

What execution options are in place to ensure that the agreements are followed?
Due to Outsource Custom Jewellery Production, execution is a bit of a tough issue when engaging in the realm of foreign manufacturing. Non-resident foreigners cannot sue in many nations. In some countries, the judicial system is either too expensive or rife with corruption. It’s critical to conduct due diligence on the legal framework in place and confirm that agreements are enforceable. In most circumstances, for Mass Jewellery Production, a contract with an adjudication clause is preferable to one without. Most countries’ arbitration rulings are easily enforced elsewhere in the world, and arbitration is standardized very nearly everywhere.


Manufacturer or Subcontractor: Several small businesses function as brokers for factories in their particular areas. While subcontractors can give an advantage in some situations, such as giving additional quality control or acting as a sourcing agent to stock and supply a jewellery factory with raw materials that you plan to furnish, subcontractors generally get in the way. When dealing with a subcontractor, you must have all of the details. Find out who will finally be creating your items, what their connection is with them, what added value the subcontractors will provide, and what assurances you have that your property ownership will be protected by the factory that will eventually be manufacturing your goods. Never do business with an organization that isn’t open about its production chain position.

It is usually optional to conduct thorough due diligence on the firm (Mass Jewelry Production) with which you will be doing business to ensure that they are who they claim to be. There are several ways to achieve this: Request a factory visit: If you’re working with a well-known manufacturer, they normally won’t mind receiving consumers at their facility.

Request a third-party audit: There are several well-known international auditing firms that will gladly audit your potential manufacturer on your behalf. The auditing fees they charge typically range between $500 and $2000, based on the scope of the audit. When a manufacturer refuses to allow a third-party audit, you know something isn’t right.


The following are a few well-known organizations that provide auditing services in a variety of growing economies: Verisio: On behalf of merchants and other organizations, Verisio audits (inspects) factories and farms for moral and legal working conditions. Since 1997, they’ve been inspecting sites for social compliance. Bureau Veritas explains the areas of quality, health and safety, environmental protection, and social responsibility.

Stone Manufacturing & Handmade Jewelry

Plot No. 23, Sudarshanpura Industrial Area, Bais Godam, Jaipur-302006, Rajasthan, INDIA

Certified Green Factory: Manufacturing For Brands & Designers

Plot No. 28 & 29, Sudarshanpura Industrial Area, Bais Godam, Jaipur-302006, Rajasthan, INDIA


Quality and capabilities of the manufacturer:
The size of the manufacturer’s group is an important question to manage early on in your engagement with a new manufacturer. Following a comprehensive inspection, you should be able to determine the factory’s accurate amount. You should learn which operations the factory outsources (if any), as well as how many manufacturing employees it employs.

Small jewellery companies with fewer than ten employees are precision small businesses. Because most factories in this size range lack labor specialization, quality can vary greatly depending on the expertise of each worker. A third aspect to address in allocating with a small operator is assurances of financial stability. Do they own their buildings or do they rent? These are some questions to ask. What kind of effort generates the most income for them? Do they want retail items but also require some extra work to offset the downtime? You don’t want to commit your productions to a company that is having financial difficulties. Before committing to large-scale productions with a manufacturer, the majority of the larger stores will ask for bank references.


If you’re planning a scalable Custom Jewelry Production, a manufacturing unit size of more than twenty but a little less than one hundred workers is perfect. This is because larger manufacturers favor existing business above new opportunities, so unless you struck the floor running with first orders in the five to ten-thousand-piece range, you are likely to just be deprioritized as a small vendor by a larger corporation. As long as the sweatshop you wind up dealing with is in the mid-size category, it should be able to extend its operations to meet your quantities as your firm grows because mid-sized businesses don’t exist without a solid infrastructure. Is it possible for your Custom Jewellery Manufacturing company to provide examples for you to check the craftsmanship? While this is one of the most common questions customers have for manufacturers, it is also one of the least important. If you work in the jewellery industry, you most likely own at least one great piece of jewellery, whether or not it was manufactured by you. The factory’s previous production of fragments has no bearing on the implementation of your design. It’s significantly more important to assess the quality of work on an initial sample of your design. Allowing a sample to be made is a comparatively minor asset if you are convinced that the factory you are dealing with is on the up and up and will be able to achieve your estimated capacity.

Pricing from the manufacturer:
What should you expect to pay for custom jewellery manufacturing?
In the Jewelry Production Company tour, there are two types of companies: those that break things down into components and those that don’t. Companies that break things down into component pricing are usually fairly open about it. In this situation, pricing is usually based on a formula, which is established by taking raw material prices and multiplying them by a percentage and labor rate. Manufacturers who disclose their prices in this manner typically accept minimal margins and rely on volume sales to stay viable. To win long-term business, many bulk Jewellery Production Factories may provide prices with few to no constraints to prospective new customers. Attempting to trade prices before establishing a significant business relationship with the factory may give the impression to the manufacturer that you are unaware of industry pricing, which may cause your business to be prioritized lower on the priority list. As a general rule, you should avoid manufacturers who do not break down their bills into constituent pricing when viewing a jewellery creation. These are typically smaller businesses that rely heavily on retail sales for revenue.


Manufacturer minimum order quantities (MOQ) and development fees: Custom jewellery manufacturers often operate on one of two bases: either they provide free development with a minimum order quantity (MOQ) or they charge a growth fee for your masters and molds. MOQs (Minimum Order Quantities): Whether the factory charges an expansion fee or not, most factories have minimum order quantities (MOQs), which are the minimum quantities of a product that you can order. It’s critical to acquire this in writing and to understand whether a factory’s MOQ conflicts with your business strategy.

Development fees. Design costs and prototyping fees are the two types of development expenses available. For either manual or CAD design to develop a factory viable design schematic or a CAD file that can be fed to a 3D printer for quick prototyping, design fees are normally minimal. The construction of production devices is usually covered by prototyping fees. This is usually either a master and molds set, or imprinting or traveling die. The cost of prototyping varies greatly depending on the complexity of the design. Fees for masters and molds can range from thirty to five hundred dollars to thousands of dollars for imprinting or traveling dies. Any factory that offers free growth with no minimum order quantity should be avoided. Wholesale Private Label Jewelry Factories aren’t charities, and manufacturing a product takes a lot of work and money. Before going with any factory offering “free development,” I would make sure you have crystal clear confirmation that you have exclusive rights to any concepts you forward, as well as ownership of any production devices used to generate those designs and any works that flow from them.


In your hunt for the best factory to make your jewellery lines, consider the following questions: What are the manufacturer’s procedures for defective items and repairs? Is the jewellery manufacturer willing to keep your gemstones or components on hand for future projects? What taxes are levied on imports from the manufacturer’s operating base? Finally, keep in mind that you are attempting to persuade the factory that they require your services just as much as you require theirs. What are the best places to look?

Begin with the Essentials Jewelry, the Custom Jewellery Manufacturers China. We not only host this site, but we are also by far the greatest.

Many of the organizations with which you’d want to entrust your designs will have an online presence for other reasons. The first place to look in today’s world, as with most searches, is Google. Many jewellery manufactures will also exhibit at larger trade exhibitions such as JCK New York and Las Vegas, HKTDC Hong Kong Jewelry displays, and Thailand’s Bangkok Gem and Jewelry Fair. If you work in the jewellery industry and haven’t attended any of the above-mentioned trade shows, I strongly advise you to attend at least one of them to get a sense of the market. Companies showing vast collections of jewellery at trade exhibitions should be avoided. These companies are fundamentally in the same industry as you, relying mostly on wholesale direct to shops.


Cuff jewellery is similar to bracelet jewellery, but it differs in that, unlike bracelets, cuff bracelets stay on one’s hand with an opening in the centermost or inside portion of the wrist. Because the size of cuff bracelets may easily be altered to one’s requirement or style of customization, cuff jewellery can be considered a highly reliable accessory. We, at Essentials Jewelry, Brass Jewellery Manufacturers, consider all of these factors and create our cuff jewellery so that our people don’t feel the need to adjust the cuffs every time they are worn. They can be worn on their own or with other cuff bangles or even other bracelets to complete the look.

Cuff bracelets can be worn with both conservative and liberal ensembles. They can be outfitted to give off a sparkling appearance as well as a very aggressive and powerful appearance. They can give a feminine as well as a bold aesthetic appeal to the separate wearing the cuff bracelet depending on how they have accessorized as well as the overall method in which they are worn. When it comes to various sorts of cuff bracelets, we provide a vast choice of collections on our online store, including band, plain, sleek, openable, single strand, and textured cuff jewellery. We are one of Jaipur’s most well-known jewellery companies, specializing in the manufacture, supply, design, casting, finding, export, and wholesale of cuff jewellery.


Cuff bracelets have a symbolic significance as well. Cuff bracelets are used as a symbol of power and influence more often than most. They are known to give the person wearing them a sensation of authority and daring. Since about seven thousand years ago, cuff jewellery has been found all across the world. They’re also known to have played an important role in Mayan, Chinese, Greek, and Incan history. In numerous civilizations, cuff bracelets were seen as indicators of social class, particularly in terms of wealth and royalty.

They were also seen as signs of one’s standing inside one’s own family in some cultures. They were also commonly worn by troops as protective armor during times of conflict. Later on, they began to be seen as fashionable ornaments that could be worn for adornment. Cuff bracelet crazes can also be seen as an experiential trend in pop culture. Marilyn Monroe, Coco Chanel, Tiffany & Co., and Wonder Woman have all helped to popularize cuff bracelets as an accessory as well as a symbol of strength and daring. Their iconic and fashionable status has shifted throughout time, but their trendy relevance has remained constant and will continue to do so. Cuff bracelets make a bold yet embryonic statement, and a cuff bracelet is a worthy investment thanks to the White Label Jewellery Manufacturer.

Custom Jewellery Manufacturers

Cuff bracelet jewellery is appropriate for a variety of occasions. Cuff bracelets can also be given as gifts to friends and family on special occasions or occasions. Cuff bracelets are a fantastic gift for any occasion because of their symbolic significance. A figurative meaning may also be added to their practicality, making them a perfect gift for any occasion. Cuff bracelet jewelry’s ornamental charm is capable of increasing the overall beauty of an individual’s look regardless of the occasion, making it an excellent investment.

We not only offer a diverse range of cuff jewellery to our consumers and clients across multiple platforms, but we also give them high-quality jewels at reasonable pricing. Cuff bracelets are typically worn low on the wrists and can be adjusted to fit the wearer’s needs. Since we are a Custom Jewellery Production, we have a wide selection of cuff bracelets, including those with various types of gemstones as well as those constructed of various metals. Handmade and trendy cuff bracelet jewellery is available. In the case of cuff bracelet jewellery, we have a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors to choose from. When it comes to patterns, we have a wide range of options in the sense that we have a variety of rare and avant-garde cuff bracelet jewellery as well as traditional cuff bracelet jewellery. As a result, the many types of jewellery that we provide as part of the cuff bracelets category can be deemed appealing to a variety of styling ways in terms of distinct persons and their respective unique styles. We respond to the needs of all of our clientele, whether they are older women or those who are part of the millennial generation when it comes to the designs or the types of jewellery that we sell both online and offline.

Wholesale Private Label Jewelry

Cuff bracelets are a crucial addition to any outfit and should be treated as such. We, at Essentials Jewelry, Fine Jewellery Manufacturers, are acutely aware of the distinction and work tirelessly to meet our customers’ desires and demands. On our website, we also have an online chat delivery service to make things smoother and to make the buying and selling process easier for both us and our customers. On our online page, we clearly express the refund and return terms and conditions and measures, and we strictly adhere to them. Any concerns from our clients and consumers are taken seriously by us, and we reply with the appropriate response. We, the Jewellery Production Factory are sincerely committed to providing a positive experience for all of our customers. Our staff has been working tirelessly to provide the best jewellery designs and ESSENTIALS to our existing and growing customer base. JEWELRY, a Sustainable Jewellery Manufacturer, is one of Jaipur’s most reputable jewellery companies. Our ultimate goal is for us to be able to provide complete client pleasure and for them to see us as completely trustworthy and reliable.

Women in India adore wearing jewellery. Jewelry and women have always had a special relationship. Ladies used to make jewellery from wood, cuffs, flowers, and metals in ancient times. When males give a lady jewellery as a gift, it is one of the most valued gifts she can get. It’s the most beautiful gift for a lady who makes a large smile on her face, regardless of what material it’s made of or how much it costs. When it comes to your girlfriend’s gift, don’t be afraid to charge a little more. Because girlfriends are the ones who love you unconditionally and without limitations. Our sales support experts will assist you in finding the appropriate piece of jewellery and will recommend the greatest piece of jewellery that best symbolizes your love. So, what are your thoughts? Visit our Cuff workshop in India or shop online with Jewellery Casting Companies and choose a piece of jewellery at the best market price.

Jewelry Manufacturer

A cuff bracelet is something that does not close on the wrist and instead sits on it with a gap or within it. Cuff bracelets, unlike bangles (closed circles), are worn low on the wrist bone rather than pushed up the lower arm. With the opening facing out, hold the cuff in your opposite hand. Roll the cuffs over your wrist from the thumb side or within your wrist just above the wrist bone with care. Avoid hooking the cuff outwardly on the wrist and pulling it over the top. You’ve come to the right place if you’re seeking the greatest Cuff Jewelry manufacturing unit in Jaipur.

We are one of India’s leading Jewellery & Jewelry Manufacturers Bali. Our cuff casting company creates cuffs that are one-of-a-kind, timeless, and cheap. Cuff bracelets can be cast or made from elegant, high-clean metal sheets. Metal casting is the process of filling fluid metal, cooling it, documenting it, and cleaning it. A cuff made of metal sheets is light and flexible, whereas a cast metal arm adornment is frequently an overwhelming check that feels hard and rigid. Layers of different metals, enameling, clipped, or prong-set jewellery cuffs, for example. So, if you’re looking for a trendy cuff for a woman, feel free to contact us at any time or visit our Wholesale Cuff Jewelry shop.

ODM Jewelry Manufacturers

A cuff may provide a lot of style for a low price. Because of the large surface area, there is plenty of room to design jewellery. These are mostly depictions of how modern machines can manipulate metal to create eye-catching jewellery. There are numerous reasons to buy jewellery cuffs from Cuff jewellery suppliers. Because, in addition to a reasonable price, you will receive jewellery of excellent quality. If you have a black dress and need a piece of jewellery to add four or seven attractions to your style, consider our cuff bracelets, which are available in a variety of unique and traditional designs and at the greatest market prices. The procedures used by our Cuff casting manufacturer for making jewellery are significantly distinct from those used by other jewellery designers. Delivering the best quality and amazing jewellery that enhances their looks and flawlessly matches their clothes is what sets us apart from the competition.

Please feel free to contact us and discuss your requirements with one of our planners. As a market leader, our company designs, manufactures, distributes, and distributes a wide range of jewellery using high-quality materials and art, as well as the most up-to-date events. Cuff jewellery wholesale is the place to go if you’re looking for cutting-edge work at a reasonable price. Ladies who want to look rich can get cuff jewellery s at a reasonable price. These cuffs are even, dazzling, and can be worn with any outfit. Many women enjoy accessorizing their outfits with pricey jewellery cuffs. In a market, you may come across a wide range of cuff jewellery wholesalers in India. We are the White Label Jewellery Manufacturer in Jaipur, offering a diverse range of jewellery cuffs across India in a variety of shapes, colors, ornaments, and sizes.