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I’m Indu Dhull, CEO & Founder of Essentials Jewelry. I take immense pride in running an Award-winning Asia’s leading custom jewellery manufacturer.

We believe in sustainable practices and ethical sourcing, ensuring that every piece we manufacture carries a story of conscious creation. Learn more our infrastructure, sustainable practices, and ethical business standards in our factory tour video.

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Essentials Jewelry was formed a decade ago with one vision: to raise the industry standards of jewellery manufacturing. Now, we are an award-winning, Asia’s leading custom jewellery manufacturer.

We have worked with more than 400+ designers & brands across 30 countries and have been consistently recognized for our exceptional service quality & on-time delivery.

Utilizing an efficient production and logistics process, we specialize in manufacturing Custom, ODM, OEM, private label & white label jewellery as a manufacturer. With two operational factories, our 650+ craftsmen manufacture over 7000 high-quality masterpieces every day.

Learn more about our infrastructure, sustainable practices, and ethical business standards in our factory tour video.

Our Infrastructure & Team

A Leadership Team With State-Of-The-Art Machinery

  • Complete German Casting Plant & Plating Machinery.

  • German Laser Soldering & Marking Machine.

  • German & Swiss Plating Solutions.

  • Fisher XRF machine for Metal & Micron testing.

  • In-house gemstones Manufacturing with customized shapes & faceting.

  • 650 skilled craftsmen & 50 quality assurance experts.

  • Creative & Experienced CAD Designers with CAM.

  • Professional In-house legal team to protect your designs with NDA’s.

Learn more our infrastructure, sustainable practices, and ethical business standards in our factory tour video.

Our Sustainability Promise

Certified Green Factory with GEM Certification

  • Smeta 4 pillars Certified Green Factory: Recognized for responsible labor, health, safety, and environmental practices.

  • Utilizes Advanced wastewater treatment technology (STP/ETP) to recycle and reuse water within the factory to reduce water usage.

  • We source both silver & gold certified as recycled by SGS, to reduce the environmental footprint to minimise harm to ecosystems.

  • A dedicated system for managing hazardous chemical waste, ensuring proper disposal to protect the environment.

  • Solar-Powered Energy: Our factory boasts a massive 120kW solar panel system that generates over 186,782 kWh of clean energy.

  • Ethical sourcing practices of materials, ensuring responsible mining, fair treatment of workers, and minimal environmental impact.

Satisfied Customers

Reviews in the last 12 years

Essentials Jewelry takes pride in collaborating with over 460+ renowned brands and designers, establishing a sterling reputation for exceptional service and production quality. The resounding feedback from our esteemed clientele underscores our commitment to excellence. Clients consistently laud our attention to detail, precision in craftsmanship, and seamless production processes. These glowing reviews stand as a testament to our unwavering dedication to delivering unparalleled quality and customer satisfaction in the realm of jewelry manufacturing.

The company that raised the industry standards of jewellery manufacturing – India Times Org

Stone Manufacturing & Handmade Jewelry

Plot No. 23, Sudarshanpura Industrial Area, Bais Godam, Jaipur-302006, Rajasthan, INDIA

Certified Green Factory: Manufacturing For Brands & Designers

Plot No. 28 & 29, Sudarshanpura Industrial Area, Bais Godam, Jaipur-302006, Rajasthan, INDIA

Our Recent Works

Worked with more than 400+ designers & brands across 30 countries

Who Are Our Customers?

We partner with a diverse spectrum of brands & designers, from rising stars to established names.

We are pleased to engage in partnerships with a wide range of brands, ranging from emerging designers to established global demi-fine jewelry entities. Our client base extends across 30+ countries worldwide, including but not limited to the USA, UK, Netherlands, Belgium, France, Germany, Denmark, Sweden, and Australia.

  • Independent Jewellery Designers

  • E-commerce Jewellery Brands

  • Retail Jewellery Brands

  • Jewellery Cataloguing Companies

  • Retail Jewellery & Department Stores

Stone Manufacturing & Handmade Jewelry

Plot No. 23, Sudarshanpura Industrial Area, Bais Godam, Jaipur-302006, Rajasthan, INDIA

Certified Green Factory: Manufacturing For Brands & Designers

Plot No. 28 & 29, Sudarshanpura Industrial Area, Bais Godam, Jaipur-302006, Rajasthan, INDIA

Fine Jewellery Manufacturer – Fine Jewelry Manufacturers India, Jaipur

All jewellery lovers are drawn to the beauty in its vibrant purple color. It is believed to have enormous benefits due to its divine powers and purifying nature. They have a reputation for removing any negative ideas from the body. Improvement of intellectual capacity, chakra balance, and curing ailments of the gut, heart, and skin are just a few of the many advantages connected with. It not only restores the physical parts of the body, but also the energy. The color of the stone is also significant, as it is said to bring one closer to one’s inner calm, thereby increasing one’s potential. While it is well-known for its usage in meditation and spiritual healing, it is also widely worn as a fashion accessory. A popular birthstone, emeralds can be found in a variety of jewellery styles, including rings, earrings, bracelets, and necklaces. The crystals work beautifully with gold, silver, and bronze jewellery. Aside from its medicinal properties, it also has a pleasing appearance. For traditional and ethical wear, the jewellery can be worn as a substantial outfit. These gems are also suitable for regular use. Essentials Jewelry offers a large selection of jewellery. They are a prominent name among Jaipur’s gemstone jewelers and a leading jewellery exporter.

Jewelry Casting Manufacturers

Essentials Jewelry, an Indian jewellery exporter, offers a wide range of styles. Silver and gold are offered in their handcrafted ornate pieces. One can also have their designs customized by their designers, who can provide services such as design, example creation, and so on. Orders in various amounts can also be shipped to any place. Their website makes it simple to place a personalized order depending on your preferences. If you’re in Jaipur, you should stop by their store, which offers a variety of high-end services that are unique among Jaipur’s jewellery retailers. Jewelry is becoming fashionable, and people from all over the world are clamoring for it. You only need to choose the proper firm to have the best assortment available to you, which will enable you to have a wonderful experience. has become one of the most significant components of an Indian jewellery collection, and there are several businesses dedicated to providing the best possible service. So, if you’re looking for a reputable wholesale jewellery exporter who will assist you with the top-notch gathering while staying within your budget, you’ve come to the proper spot.


Necklaces and other jewellery not only look nice, but they also provide you with the added benefit of shielding yourself from all kinds of negative influences. Yes, you will be able to stay calm and composed, allowing you to make the best decisions possible. You’ll be free of anger, and nothing will be able to stop you from moving on and attaining your goals. As a result, you will gain honor in your life, which will considerably improve your life. Not only will you appear respectable in the appropriate attire, but it will also assist you in leading your life in a variety of ways. So, not only do you need something for a special event, but you also need it if you’re feeling down and out. This will assist you in moving forward in your life without difficulty, and as a result, it has become one of the best components to have. People from all around the world have benefited from our high-quality collection. So, all you have to do is connect with us, and we will never let you down. It will not only assist you with exceptional quality but also with the cost!


Since ancient times, it has been a popular accessory. Along with its dazzling physical properties, the stone has a rich history. According to Greek tales, the jewel has a purifying impact on toxic concepts and thoughts, therefore wearing it is said to eradicate these negative notions while also bringing about a positive change in individuals through the vibrations it emits. Because the purple tint of the is associated with the royal class of society, it was particularly popular among royals and monarchs as a gemstone. Intricate artistry was also engaged in making the antique set diamonds, which were unhurried as a gem hue for the royals. Many people today, however, use it for its therapeutic properties as much as a fashion statement. The artistry involved with an incorporated jewel, on the other hand, is what elevates it. Essentials Jewelry is noted for its one-of-a-kind designs, versatile materials, and high quality. Rings, bracelets, earrings, necklaces, and other set pieces are available from the well-known jewellery factory in India. These bands can be adorned as daily wear or worn for special occasions to enhance your ethnic appeal. If your birthstone is, the company has a large selection of styles that may be personalized to your liking and have a crystal put in them.


Essentials Jewelry is a well-known jewellery business in Jaipur, and all of these adaptations necessitate a well-established system. They cater to each client’s needs and provide shipping services all over the world. The company offers these sophisticated parts at competitive prices and also provides design and production services for test pieces, making them unique among competitors. The need for neckpieces is steadily increasing with each passing day. Beautiful jewellery is in high demand and adored by ladies since it makes them seem amazing all the time and in any outfit. As a result, many of them are always on the lookout for a reputable wholesale jewellery factory where they can find the best variety of jewellery to lure themselves while staying within their budget. It certainly adds a touch of glitz to your wedding day ensemble and makes you appear more gorgeous.

Ethical Jewellery Manufacturers

Jewelry is becoming increasingly popular, not only because of its aesthetic appeal but also because of the benefits it provides. Having this beautiful piece of jewellery can also assist you in dealing with difficulties in your life. You’ll be able to make better judgments and go in the right way to achieve your goals in life. You would be able to deal with all types of negativity with the help of this necklace, and you will be capable of making a lot more positive decisions. As a result, with the help of this single and stunning jewellery piece, there will be no negative impact on your life. All you have to do is choose the best option for your needs and make your event memorable. When it comes to neckpieces, we have been one of the greatest names in the business, and we do so at a very reasonable price. As a result, you can always rely on us anytime you’re looking for the best jewellery selection. Our team will never let you down and will make certain that you obtain the greatest solution for your demands while staying within your budget.


Do you want to buy any jewellery? Because of its originality and the charm it lends to your special event, it is in high demand. Yes, it has been popular for a long time and has evolved into one of the most significant components of any jewellery collection. This is why individuals all over the world are always looking for unique necklace or ring designs, and if you are in the same boat, you have come to the perfect place.

Stone Manufacturing & Handmade Jewelry

Plot No. 23, Sudarshanpura Industrial Area, Bais Godam, Jaipur-302006, Rajasthan, INDIA

Certified Green Factory: Manufacturing For Brands & Designers

Plot No. 28 & 29, Sudarshanpura Industrial Area, Bais Godam, Jaipur-302006, Rajasthan, INDIA

White Label Jewellery Manufacturers India

When it comes to delivering distinctive jewellery, we are one of the most dependable and well-known names in the industry. As a result, you can always rely on us because we are one of the most competent and well-respected wholesale jewellery plants in the industry, bringing you the best selection at all times. Not only will you profit from the outstanding appearance, but you will also be able to be a lot more positive with the help of these one-of-a-kind jewellery pieces. You will be able to stay away from all negative effects with the help of this jewellery. You’ll always be thinking positively and moving in the correct route. It will enable you to make the best decisions and move on with complete assurance. As a result, jewellery is a must-have item in your collection because it not only enhances your appearance but also brings strength to your soul. So, all you have to do is visit our store and allow our staff to assist you with the best collection available at all times. We have the most unique selection to tempt your jewellery collection and ensure that your experience is always excellent! The best part about buying from us is that you’ll get the best of the collection at a low cost. Gemstone jewellery has been popular for centuries. Many people prefer natural gemstones to diamonds since they have a similar effect. Different crystals, pearls, and even cowrie shells are used in gemstone jewellery. There are a variety of ways to incorporate these natural stones into your daily look. Gemstone jewellery, in particular, adds the ideal impression to your appearance while also revealing your personality.


The majority of individuals nowadays prefer to wear their birthstone because of the several benefits they provide. Many people choose to wear it as a birthstone since it has a lot of therapeutic properties while also being incredibly attractive. Quartz crystals make up the purple semi-precious stone family. Purple colors vary owing to several reasons such as origin and other qualities. The crystals were created to purify people’s negative ideas and provide them with pure energy. They are believed to treat a variety of diseases, including stomach problems, back discomfort, increased blood circulation, and faster wound healing. Several jewelers sell jewellery. However, the quality of the diamonds is the most crucial factor to consider while purchasing them. Because Jaipur is known for its Ethical jewellery, it’s easy to become perplexed when hunting for the correct jewelers. Essentials Jewelry, a reputable jewellery provider in Jaipur, offers a comprehensive assortment of gold and silver set jewels. When seeking a jewellery supplier in India for these items, look for a dependable and trustworthy company that can meet your needs. Essentials Jewelry can assist you with all aspects of the process of selecting the correct accessories for you, thanks to their state-of-the-art office. Even if you are not in Jaipur, their reasonable pricing range, engaging internet, and talented artisans can assist you with your needs. Visit them today to see their whole collection.


Many people all over the world are looking for beautiful jewellery to wear on their wedding day so that they can be admired. Jewelry is fashionable, and many people all over the world are on the lookout for them to make their outfits more unique and appealing. So, if you’re seeking something similar, don’t hesitate to reach out to our team because we have the most diverse and distinctive selection to adorn you and make your buying experience more than fantastic. So, come to our store and obtain the best collection possible while staying within your budget. As a wholesale jewellery provider, we are well-known in the industry. As a result, you can rely on us whenever you require these one-of-a-kind and lovely items. Our experts will assist you with some of the top collections for your apparel that you are looking forward to getting. You may rest assured that the jewellery is 100% genuine and will assist you in receiving all of the benefits that come with it. Yes, it is thought that wearing these lovely things would keep you away from all forms of negativity. As a result, you will be able to make better decisions and live a better life. This is why you should never hesitate to invest in this one-of-a-kind, authentic necklace or ring, which will always draw attention and ensure that you are the event’s show-stealer. We have to print in-house designers and that you are giving high-quality jewellery to all corners of the world, so don’t hesitate to acquire one for yourself that will never put a strain on your wallet.


To create intriguing pieces for customers, a jewellery manufacturer needs a lot of ideas, talents, and passion. To make an accessory stand out, one must research current trends, choose a genre, and even experiment with innovative and functional designs. Especially when it comes to gemstone jewellery, these pieces are associated with a wealth of history. As a result, delivering a stand-out item becomes more challenging. For centuries, jewellery has been a part of royal companies, and as a result, there have been numerous outstanding examples of excellent craftsmanship throughout history. So, if you want to buy or create a unique product, you’ll need technological resources as well as distinctive designs. To deliver their gorgeous items, every ornament company follows the same set of procedures. The qualities of gemstones, including color, reactivity, and strength, are also significant to examine in addition to metals. A skilled jewellery manufacturer will always ensure that you receive quality in addition to their stunning designs. When it comes to jewellery, it’s very important to make sure that the design enhances the stone’s beauty. Essentials Jewelry, a well-known jewellery manufacturer in Jaipur, designed these set accessories.


The company creates handcrafted jewellery for both ethnic and casual wear. Their brass, gold, and silver pieces add to the attractiveness of your style and can elevate it with just one piece. They have modern fashionable patterns as well as a traditional hand-hammered adornment that adds an edge to your everyday outfit and sets you apart from the crowd. Through their unique website and an abundance of styles accessible at low costs, the jewellery maker in India ensures that you have your unusual jewels as quickly as possible. A wide range of gemstones are available on the market. However, because of their appearance and color, the stones have attracted a large market. This purple-colored stone is one of a kind, and people all across the world want one. This stone has been utilized extensively in the world of jewellery because of its applications and design. Although there are various patterns and models on the market, only a few jewelers have made an effort to provide bespoke designs.

OEM Jewelry

There are many different types of jewellery, but bangles have long been a popular choice among ladies. A stunning bangle encrusted with brilliant purple stones is sure to draw attention. Essentials Jewelry is a leading manufacturer of bangles in Jaipur. We have always managed to build some bespoke designs that have attracted a lot of clients as one of the leading exporters of gemstones and fashion jewels all over the world. We have a wide range of designs with jewels inlaid in them. Depending on the design, the size of the stones may vary. We have our factory with craftsmen to create bangles with great finish and work because we are India’s largest Fine Jewellery Manufacturer.


These bangles look great with a saree or any other traditional outfit. Because these bangles are a vivid purple color, they will look even better when paired with a white or light-colored dress. A single stone bangle or a bracelet with many stones embedded all around the circumference are also options. This style of the bangle is appropriate for all women of any age. The designs are meticulously made with the utmost attention to detail. For a better aesthetic, these stones are inserted within the silver or rose gold plated metal. Instead of a basic curve, you might design the bangle to be packed with works. If you are dissatisfied with the designs available on our website or in our store, you can always select to customize your design. The gemstones are well-known around the world for their vibrant colors and healing properties. Most people wear it as a ring because it is the birthstone for February, but due to its vibrant purple color, it is still preferred as a type of fashion jewellery. There are many different types of jewels available on the market, but the bracelet is one of the most popular jewels worn by both men and women. Bracelets are comparable to bangles, and some prefer to wear them instead of bangles since they may be worn in both modern and traditional settings. We have always focused on providing a variety of styles as one of the leading Bracelet Manufacturers in Jaipur.

Wholesale Custom Jewellery Manufacturer

If you want to wear bracelets, you can choose from a variety of designs in our store. Essentials Jewelry is a renowned gemstone producer as well as one of India’s best Fine Jewellery Manufacturers. This stone will relax you and bring you inner peace while also removing negative energy from your body. The bracelets might be a single stone bracelet or a multi-stone bracelet that can be worn with current jeans and skirts. You may also make a bracelet out of the beads by stringing them together. The jewels come in a variety of sizes, and depending on the design, they can be utilized together or separately. To achieve a better result, these stones can be paired with silver and gold plated metals. For the production of these stylish jewellery products, we have our designers and a separate facility. So, if none of the businesses in the shop pique your interest, you can always create personalized jewellery with the help of our designers and wear it for special events.

Private Label Jewellery Manufacturers

Because of their diverse range of applications, stones are popular all around the world. This specific stone is a type of quartz that comes in a lovely purple color. This stone is used to heal both the physical and mental aspects of a person. The gem can also be used to alleviate irritability, diminish wrath and aggression, and improve a person’s psychic abilities. This stone can be worn by anyone, regardless of their birth month. The gem is frequently mixed with silver so that the person wearing it can gain the greatest amount of strength while simultaneously warding against negative energy. Although most people like to wear this particular gem in the form of a ring, due to its gorgeous purple color, it may also be used to create a variety of gems. The gemstone to be utilized for decorating the cuffs is one such design.

Wholesale Jewellery Manufacturer

In the market, there are numerous designs and models to choose from. Cuff bracelets have a single pendant-like structure in the center and are attached to a chain all the way around. They’re also featured as bangles with a strong metal link connecting the central design. Essentials Jewelry is a well-known supplier of genuine gemstones as well as a reputable Custom Fine Jewelry Manufacturer in Jaipur. The design, which features a nicely cut huge stone as the focal point, is appropriate for both traditional and formal attire and may be worn regularly. You can always get the small gravels designed together in the center of the jewel if you want a basic design. We have a large assortment of men’s cuff designs as well as women’s cuff designs.

Custom Jewelry Production

These cuff bracelets are great for daily use and can also be worn with your formal outfit to the office regularly. You can also couple it with the specific pendants that go with the cuff enterprise from our shop if you want. We are one of India’s most well-known ODM & OEM Jewelry Manufacturers, and we also have several other projects with which you can combine the cuff bracelet you are purchasing. You can also order the designs via an internet page, and your delivery will be delivered with care and respect. The world of fashion jewellery has changed dramatically over the last decade, and individuals are now more interested in wearing fashion jewellery than traditional gold jewellery. The majority of these trendy jewellery pieces are constructed of silver with stones incorporated in them. Jewelers design jewels without stones for particular antique styles to get a precise finish.